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I’ve done potatoes accordion style before and the recipes suggested laying 2 chopsticks alongside the spuds when cutting to keep from cutting all the way through. That might work perfectly for this sausage.

Liz W.

Suggestion: Lay it between a pair of chopsticks. They will act as a stop and keep your knife from cutting all the way through. It works well with potatoes, and in summer with tomatoes, into which I tuck fresh mozzarella and basil and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

John M.

In addition to being delicious, you can also teach diners about archispirostreptus gigas, the giant African millipede.


I'll try this but that was truly the most frightening looking picture I have ever seen, especially after watching a video of a Chinese Luna Moth's life cycle.

Erica Halaburda

Re: millipedes. We grill ours on skewers separated with cicadas (in season). The plentiful legs get nice and crisp and are best eaten like corn on the cob. The cicadas add a tempting, crusty flair with creamy centers.Leftovers go into our legendary Vermin soup. Do take the time to skin and bone the mice. Serve with a sprinking of recently deceased crunchy co*ckroaches. Sorry, everyone. It's just that kind of day........


This looks strangely good. But put mine on a bed of sauerkraut (onions browned in good lard/bacon drippings, bit of caraway). German mustard, Bavarian pretzel on the side.But you know, that sausage looks like something that slithered out of those 70s era cookbooks--the ones that use gelatin molds for everything. Why have plain old kielbasa when you can hasselback it and set it in aspic? And for that perfect retro touch, add sliced pimento-stuffed olives for eyes. Serve on a bed of lettuce. :)

susan murphy

I must have sauerkraut with kielbasa. It’s a rule!Roast under the sausage. Yum yum!

Mike Czechowski

And, if there are leftovers, they go in the scrambled eggs next morning!

Henry Dulemba

Made and served with Julia Moskin's Hasselback potatoes, both fabulous and used one pan, too. Gulden's for the mustard, and put the leftover mustard/apricot preserves on the table for extras. The combination of the glaze and the many cuts seemed to allay the greasy mouth feel I've always not cared for with kielbasa. Cabbage sliced in thick (1") rounds and laid on same pan for last 10 minutes was perfect too.


Made it exactly as written and served with a side of potato pierogis. YUM. Definitely a keeper. Will make again.


I invited my mom over for dinner last night and served her and my husband this strangely good recipe. All three of us loved it. I didn’t have apricot preserves so used the peach jam that I had in the fridge, mixed with spicy brown mustard. On a separate sheet, I baked at the same time several slices of stale Chiabata bread which I had smeared with some butter. Piled high with the pepper underbase, it tasted like a fine bruschetta. And yes, I let the kielbasa crisp up a little.


This was really tasty! I added a couple of sliced yukon gold potatoes. My husband loved it!


Good Halloween dish. Looks like something Tim Burton would serve.


I’ve made this often enough that I now keep apricot preserves in my refrigerator. I don’t mess with this “recipe.” It’s too good as is.

Holland, N

YUM. Used Dijon mustard and Kirkland honey. Added some asparagus I had on hand. I tossed the veggies in some onion and garlic infused oil I had leftover from making sour cream & onion dip for the Super Bowl. Served it with warm French bread.

Dave G

This also works well without the peppers and onions - just cooking the Kielbasa on a sheet pan and basting it with the mustard/apricot preserves for 25 minutes. I used turkey kielbasa and served it with broccoli Mac-n-cheese. Quick comfort food!


This was really good! Entire family liked it. Super easy and quick to make and clean up was a breeze.


I'm getting a little bolder in my cooking. I made this tonight, added a jalapeno - with seeds, a couple of garlic cloves and used orange marmalade with Dijon to make the basing sauce. I had a few slices of a crusty loaf of homemade bread as the simple accompaniment. My husband said to add it to my "do it again".


I’ve made it a million times. I change the vegetables, there’s usually potatoes. It’s so forgiving, the leftovers are great — it’s excellent.


I’m thinking Shish*to peppers and onion are the perfect tray mate for the kielbasa.


This is an outstanding recipe. We've made it many times, and it always comes out beautifully.

Cathi B

I think it looks lovely and I must say that it is the recipe that convinced me buy a subscription to NYT Cooking. It is the recipe I pass along most often and has made me a Sifton fan for life because most of us are just trying to throw a meal on the table that tastes wonderful in a hurry. Tonight I was trying to come up with something that qualified as baseball food...and then I remembered this (My state made the NCLS)-I plan to serve it with French Potato Salad. YUM!

Charles Furer

After using this preparation for the first time, my wife and two daughters haven't let up about when the next time will be. Not long, me thinks, and there will be two Kielbasa on that tray. Next time I'll let the Kielbasa roast 10-15 minutes before applying the prescribed glaze, in order to let the skin and edges develop some crackle. And that glaze, uh, yeeesssssss. I used a fig preserve, which was delicious, and will use 2/3 mustard to 1/3 preserves next time, as it was a touch too sweet.


Made this for a potluck using 2 kielbasa. Easy and delicious.


Added quartered yellow baby potatoes and cooked them with the onions and peppers for twenty minutes before adding the kielbasa. Super easy and super tasty!


Finally got around to making this, and it was absolutely delicious. And it was easy. Don't pass on the glaze, I used greengage plum jam with mustard and a splash of rice vinegar to thin it. I didn’t have apricot. It worked.It won’t be a one time wonder.


This is one of my easy go to recipes to feed the men in my family. I accidentally grabbed the orange marmalade at the store last night instead of the apricot jam (store brand, similar packaging). Used the marmalade and which turned out fine.


Made with roasted red potatoes, peppers, onions and tomatoes. It was amazingly divine!! Have to admit our kielbasa was homemade which added to the perfect recipe.

Marcie M.

This was a positively scrumptious, easy midweek meal. Served it atop miso mashed sweet potatoes(not yams!). Thank you, Sam Sifton, for another no-recipe wonder!!


Use apples and Brussels sprouts

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Hasselback Kielbasa Recipe (2024)


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